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"Hi Guys

We’ve had some nice positive feedback on the site already which I wanted to share

...the site is easy to access and navigate.  

...Congratulations on the site - it looks great and is definitely needed in the industry.

...First impressions of the new web page was very good, very easy to use / access and set up.

...Nice to see a dedicated site to specific roles in a niche.

...I will be championing the site to my network."

"I have worked with Zero One Design for many years now but recently decided to start my own recruitment firm. I had no hesitation in asking Steve and his team to design, build and host my website. From start to finish, the professionalism was first class. Clients and candidates comment on the quality of the website as well as the unique logo design.
Everything was delivered as promised and the support that is given in non - IT speak gives you the upmost re-assurance in the end product.

I cannot recommend ZOD enough and am using them again now for another project. Honest, professional and down to earth who listen, suggest and implement to the highest degree."

"first of all, thanks so much for all your particular help along the way.  The site looks great, and we've been getting a lot of positive feedback from your initial viewers (friends and colleagues checking it out for us).  You guys have done a great job, and been very patient with our "newbie" confusions, questions and concerns.  We really appreciate all the effort (particularly in regard to our Arabic language page challenges) that you, Alan, Brian, and most recently, Rebekah, have made on our behalf.  Huge thanks, all around!"

"first of all, thanks so much for all your particular help along the way. The site looks great, and we've been getting a lot of positive feedback from your initial viewers (friends and colleagues checking it out for us). You guys have done a great job, and been very patient with our "newbie" confusions, questions and concerns. We really appreciate all the effort (particularly in regard to our Arabic language page challenges) that you, Alan, Brian, and most recently, Rebekah, have made on our behalf. Huge thanks, all around!"

"I've just received the invoice for the final payment. I'd be happy to add another day's work to it/some extra as I know the team have gone above and beyond the call of duty on the launch of the websites."

Just  to let you know your Chris and Alan have done a very good job with my Chris.
Well done!!!!!"

"..and lastly, just want to say a big thanks for everything. We are thrilled with the site and everyone's been brilliant in helping us get there".

"Secondly, both myself and Richard would like to thank you all.  We recognise the hard work you put in to getting the site up and running.  We think it looks great and feel you have provided us with a fantastic service and end product. If you ever want a recommendation from us just ask". Kieron O'Connor, Director.

"I worked for Executive Network Sales Ltd for 5 years and throughout that time the business always used V-CON (VIRTUAL CONSULTANT) as it's in house recruitment database. It is fantastic, functional, user friendly and ever developing. The guys at Zero one were fantastic. If ever I noticed a way in which the system would be  easier to use - an email would be sent to Zero One and within hours the new function would be there and ready to use! I have now moved on and am using another system which further highlights vcons brilliance!!! I highly recommend any recruitment business that is looking to increase the effectiveness of it's work force  to employ VCON  as it in house database system!"

"Belmont Jewellers are delighted with their new website, we are very pleased with our very international response which we found rather unexpected. Our website offers a beautiful range of Watches, Antique Jewellery, Art Deco, Diamond pieces and and also a stunning collection of Antique Silver items. We recieved our very first Antique Silver Order for a pair or 1921 Silver Toast Racks which where sent to an Island off the Scottish Coast.  From our Modern silver Jewellery range we had had personal visitor who choose several of our Art Deco Style Maquisite Bracelets which he viewed first on the website The Phone has also been ringing from people want to sell their Watches and Jewellery.  We even got a call from Alabama.  We hope you will visit our website and see what the fuss is all about!  Do come and see us in person and as a treat we are offering a 10% Discount between now and the New Year." Tara Belmont, Director

"I would like to thank all involved in the design and development of for a job well done.
I know that I've pushed you all, but what you have produced you should be proud of... it looks and feels fantastic! We have already received a number of comments on the new site...

"My god its brilliant - wasn't expecting to see that, definitely a vibrant, fresh site - but at the same time it's so easy to use"
"I love it, says senior but stylish recruiter to me - love the strap lines"
"Yeah I like the new logo Colin, it looks great! It's been used in the site nicely too, draws the eye in"
"I think this site is excellent Colin.  Did you design it?  All the links work, it is easy to navigate user friendly and yet very dynamic"

So guys, thanks ever so much for your hard work & continued support...I hope I haven't given you too many grey hairs."

"We are delighted with the new design of our website. We wanted to create a fresh, unique and memorable website that was professional and representative of the Pollinate brand. I am confident that this is what we have achieved." Amanda Nuttall, Director. 

"I generally expect suppliers to deliver professional quality in an efficient and reliable manner, as I ensure the same for my customers and believe it is the only way we can all stay in business. As a result, the only letters I ever write tend to be letters of complaint, where a product or service has not been adequate (an all too familiar occurrence). However, my experience from working with the ZOD team over the last few weeks has impressed me so much that I felt it would have been rude not to write this...The website is absolutely fantastic, far beyond what I had imagined it would be at day one..."
Mac Williams, Managing Director

"Hi, just wanted to say that I think footiejobs looks f****** marvellous
Efrem Leigh, Managing Director

"Please look at the Heat Hospitality Consultancy Ltd website, designed by the ever professional Zero One Design who have been a joy and pleasure to work with".
Neil Harris, Managing Director

"Just to let you all know how impressed I have been with the whole job you have all done for my company. Well done! You kept on top of the job and we had clear communications at every stage. This impressed me".
Russell Moore, Managing Director

''Zero - One Design have not only the technical expertise but also an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment market, and combining the two in a functional, modern, user-friendly website has given us the best chance of giving a professional service to our clients and our candidates''.
Richard Langrick, Director

"We have been extremely pleased with the new job site. The feedback we have received from clients shows what a great job Zero One Design have done in producing a site that it easy to use for both job seekers and recruiters. In fact one of our advertisers said that of all the job sites they had used before was by far the easiest to use.
Having selected Zero One Design to work on the project Taylor was delighted with the outcome. With a background in online recruitment we had clear objectives in terms of what we wanted to achieve from both a job seekers and recruiters point of view. We found the team at Zero One Design easy to work with and very responsive, plus they listened to what we were trying to achieve which was very important."

"I have been very impressed with the professional approach that Zero One Design has shown and the speed at which they have been able to launch the new site for us. Full marks for their efforts! We have gone from conception to launch in just over 3 weeks! My thanks go to Steven and his team as well as a big thank you to David Hurst from who recommended ZOD to me."

"Zero One design have lived up to and exceeded my expectation and delivered an excellent product, on time, on budget and with a professional manner that makes them very easy to work with, I would recommend them to anyone considering a new site"

"We chose VCON from Zero One Design to be our partner in this exciting project, out of 6 companies, because they understood our business and the internet." He continued, "Zero One Design tailored their core product to suit us. Each company within Executive Network has their own web site, which links into the database. We have worked closely with each other to achieve the end result and we are thrilled with the reality".

"Thank you for the fanatastic site you guys have built for me. It has been fun and inspirational working with you and I look forward to working with you in the future".

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