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Developing and Supporting Online Business for Over 17 Years

Hosting Services

Recruitive Software are able to host web sites on our own dedicated, and powerful, rack based servers and cloud servers, located at connected data centres around the UK. These servers are upgraded continuously, as part of our long-term commitment to technological development, with the aim to increase capacity and speed, and to embrace new technology where possible.

We have direct access to our servers at all times, and any technological issues will always be resolved quickly, around the clock. We do not charge hourly support fees, as some of our competitors do, because we feel that our servers should be operational 24/7 and if they're not, you should be able to call whenever you want to.

We are also able to offer our customers the services of their own dedicated servers, if required. They are fully managed to give you great peace of mind.

As the vast majority of our websites use databases of all sizes, we offer a secure back up service, where all data is backed-up on an ongoing basis. We are, in effect, your data managers. This is a very important aspect of our services, which is not always available when using cheaper solutions. We manage many secure e-commerce websites and recruitment websites containing literally thousands of CVs, so the storage of data is of absolute importance.

We are also partners with Comodo CA Limited or the provision and management of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)/HTTPS services.

We are also registered with the Data Protection Act 1998 as Data Controllers.

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