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Press Release Creation And Distribution

Our experienced in-house writers can create a keyword rich Press Release about your business, your main skill sets, your company news and your specialisms. We will then distribute this to many highly ranked News websites, PR websites, Blogs, Discussion Forums and Social Media networks.

We will make sure that each Press Release that is created is targeted towards a key term, phrase, skill set. It will be written so that the search engines rank the article highly and refer to the main key phrase of the article, which will be prominently placed. It will read professionally and will advertise your business. We have put together a list of highly ranked websites, which we have researched over a long period of time and we will submit each press release individually and manually to each website. We will also promote your news to social media networks.

A well written, quality Press Release that contains the right keywords and phrases and that incorporates relevant and topical information will help validate your company website and ultimately increase website traffic and enhance online exposure.

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