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Mobile Compatible & Responsive Websites

Mobile recruitment website design, responsive website design and mobile website design, also known as "M Sites" is a specialist service, essential for any modern recruitment and general business. We designed our first mobile website in 2010 and it is now standard practice.

All of our recruitment websites and jobs boards are designed to be fully mobile responsive.

According to Google, more than 50% of all Google searches take place on a mobile device, rather than a PC.

In April 2015 Google also released a major mobile friendly algorithm update and a further, major mobile update was released in May 2016. Both of these updates provided mobile compatible websites with a search positioning boost. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that your website is mobile compatible.

Our recruitment website systems are all fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices and tablets. This also ensures that visitors searching via Google or Social Media will be able to navigate to and throughout your website without issues and can also register and apply via their mobile devices.

Both of these updates are, in reality, essential for any recruitment business. The updates will also improve your search engine visibility and provide your visitors with a quick and secure experience while using your website.

Research has also shown that mobile jobseekers prefer the following functionality when using a mobile recruitment website:

  • Job Search
  • Job Alert Registration
  • Application Status
  • Information on the Recruitment Process
  • CV & Application Tips
  • Contact Details of Company
  • Events/News Calendar
  • Share Page/Site
  • Share through Social Media

It is therefore essential that:

  • You embrace mobile recruitment and have your own fully compatible responsive recruitment website.
  • You have a mobile website that includes the above functionality.

Most websites, however, are not totally mobile compatible and are difficult to use on a mobile device. It is, therefore, imperative that any forward looking business has it's own mobile compatible website.

Our recruitment websites now include fixed mobile versions as standard.

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