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Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile Compatible Recruitment Website design from Recruitive Software is now an essential part of a recruitment company's online (and any other company actually) and social media strategy and it is now also essential for SEO reasons as Google now lists sites in order of the user's mobile experience.

It's pointless having social media website such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook if, when you send links, the links take people to a normal website. Many people who use Facebook and Twitter, use it via their mobile phone.

There are two options, when building your website; having a responsive mobile website or a static mobile site. What are the differences you ask? A responsive website adapts and changes it's layout to fit the screen upon which it is being displayed. A static mobile website is fixed, so that it works better on phones and the forms and layout are all controlled.

Our research shows that most candidates who use mobile websites tend you want to make quick decisions, register quickly on a website and make a quick application, so static mobile websites do the job quite well.

Click here for a responsive website

Click here for a static mobile website

Main features include:

  • Job Search.
  • Quick Apply.
  • Online Register.
  • Register for Jobs by Email.
  • News and Events.
  • Content Pages.
  • Google Drive and Drop Box Integration.
  • Share to social media.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

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