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Online Timesheet Systems

Online Timesheets ... Faxing and posting timesheets, whilst being a "time honoured" system, isn't the most efficient method of recording a candidate's hours worked, and cross referencing this against the client's responses.

Using third party systems can also be quite expensive and sometimes this type of timesheet system takes the candidate and client away from your website and your branding and control.

We have now developed a plug-in, that can be added to your website and managed via your own contact management system, attached to your website.

Both clients and candidates can now log on to your website and enter and confirm the hours worked and the hourly rates agreed. All parties can then use the website and Online Timesheet facility to confirm and approve their pay.

If your website is designed by ZOD, then you will access this system via your own website admin system.

If you have an existing website, we can create a sub domain, and "brand" the timesheet system to match your corporate styling.

Some features are as follows:

Appointments posted to system.
Candidates matched to position.
Details of appointment (rates, location etc) emailed to candidate.
System emails all parties automatically to record and confirm hours worked.
Consultants informed automatically of updates.
Encrypted approval sections for clients.

Flo Software

We have recently also partnered with Flo Software, a full, end to end temping system, which can integrate with our websites.

In 2013, after the UK’s largest annual rise in temporary employment, Flo was founded to address the need for specialist temporary recruitment software. The emergence of cloud computing and mobile technology also paved the way for Flo’s unique proposition.

4 years later and Flo has gone from strength to strength, working with hundreds of recruitment agencies across numerous sectors, including: construction, education, healthcare, hospitality, industrial and driving.

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