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Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Recruitment Software

Since February 2019 we are now able to supply Recruitment Software in the form of a Bespoke Applicant Tracking System uniquely designed for each client. Used by over 100 in house recruitment teams throughout the UK, our award winning ATS has been developed by recruiters for recruiters.

Why Us

Established in 2004, Recruitive is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of recruitment software solutions for direct employers across the UK. Our award winning cloud based software is designed to streamline the recruitment process, making it quicker, easier & more cost effective.

What's Different

We always ensure our technology is uniquely designed for each individual client. We work hard to understand your process, business, individual needs and requirements during the initial discussion and design a unique solution for you. We understand that each company has different recruitment processes so we believe your recruitment technology should be reflect this.

What is Included?

We will include exactly what each individual clients needs.  The Applicant Tracking System can cover everything a Recruitment Team could possibly need to hire directly from the initial job request, right through to on-boarding and everything in between.  However, we will only include what you need and uniquely design the solution tailored for you.  If there is something you need that we don’t have – we will work with you to build the technology.

Some of the key areas of the software include Applicant Tracking Software, Careers Website Design, Multi Job Posting, Hiring Manager Access, Talent Pool Management, Interview Scheduling and On-boarding.

No Sales People

We dont have sales people, we have consultants.  Our consultants have been recruiters and have extensive experience in the recruitment world, so they understand processespain points and the market.  Your personal consultant will work with you to thoroughly understand what you do and help you identify a more effective and efficient recruitment model designed to fit your needs.

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