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PSS-Europe Putting All the Pieces in Place04/2018

Project and programme management services and recruitment experts PSS-Europe announce release of new website

Project management can be like traversing a minefield: one wrong step and it can cause untold damage, not just to the project itself but to the reputation of your business. Let’s try another, less violent analogy: think of it like a jigsaw – if you don’t have all the pieces in place you won’t see the complete picture. At times like this, when you’ve got a big project underway and it’s not advancing in the way you’d envisaged, or it’s in the planning stage still and you’re not sure just how the plan is going to work in practice, you need PSS-Europe to help you put all the pieces in place.

Project Service Solutions (PSS) Europe is a leading recruitment consultancy in programme and project management. They have been building an impeccable reputation in their field since their formation in 2001 by a group of people with a successful background in various industries, including retail, finance, telecommunications and software development.

PSS-Europe offer rewarding opportunities for full/part time permanent or long/short term contracts to suit either seasoned professionals with all the skills and experience they bring to the table, or graduates with all the right qualifications as Programme Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Project Management Office (PMO) staff, Technical Architects or Software Developers and Testers.

PSS-Europe’s consultants are both highly experienced and approachable; they’re very good at what they do, they’ve worked in the industry so they speak your language and they have up-to-the-minute market knowledge. You’ll get all the advice and support you need as a candidate looking to take their next step in your chosen career.

Sectors include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Hardware Infrastructure Implementation
  • Programme Management
  • Project Management Office
  • Software Development
  • User Acceptance Testing

Over the years PSS-Europe has been steadily growing a reputation for excellence that is both indisputable and hard to match. It is a reputation that is well deserved and has arisen due to hard work, honesty and transparency. It has resulted in a client list that is the envy of their competitors as PSS-Europe continues to grow long-lasting relationships with companies ranging in size from SMEs to multinational corporations. Big or small, they still get the same five star service.

For project management services or recruitment solutions that have been proven successful time and time again, contact PSS-Europe today and let’s get the job done.


PSS Europe, Programme & Project Mngmt Recruitment

PSS Europe

PSS-Europe is a leading recruitment consultancy in programme and project management that has been building a sterling reputation in their field since 2001. The website they had previously was a bit basic and nowhere near good enough to reflect the image the company wanted to project or handle the sort of traffic they have been getting. They found, as so many do, that the best option was to turn to Zero-One Design. We re-drew their logo and built a website for them that is faster, more responsive, more attractive, more secure and much more able to shoulder the load expected of it.

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