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Langham Plays Central Role in STEM Recruitment10/2018

Langham Recruitment releases updated website

Although there has been, over the past forty years or so, a gradual movement towards reliance on the financial sector for the economies of countries in the West, other areas such as manufacturing, engineering and scientific innovation shouldn’t be overlooked. The importance of success in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics – collectively known as STEM – to the economy of the UK should not be taken lightly.

Britain has been at the forefront of innovation in these core disciplines since The Industrial Revolution and continues to lead the way. To maintain such high standing in the world, UK companies need a constant supply of fresh talent, be they graduates or seasoned professionals looking for pastures new. The name that you will constantly hear mentioned when talking about STEM recruitment is Langham.

There are good reasons for that. Langham Recruitment has been at the forefront of the placement of STEM professionals since 2001. They have successfully matched the very best candidates with opportunities presented by over 500 clients from across the UK, Europe and the United States, clients that keep coming back because they know that Langham will find them the people they need quickly. With an expert eye on the sector and intimate knowledge of client’s companies, thanks to the efforts of the Langham Relationship Managers in building lasting relationships with clients, they will know exactly the sort of candidate that will best fill the position your company is offering.

Whether the opportunity you offer is permanent or on a long/short term contract basis, you will be presented with a STEM professional with the skills, experience, qualifications to fit the bill perfectly. Along with those attributes they will bring new ideas and fresh thinking that could take you in directions you may not have even imagined.

It’s the attention to detail and the hard work in leaving no stone unturned on your behalf that makes the difference and makes Langham the first choice recruitment consultancy for so many in your sector. From small but innovative start-ups to giant multinationals, the Langham Recruitment client list reads like a STEM sector Who’s Who. They attract the very best clients and the very best candidates because they themselves are the best at what they do.

Whether you are in need of new talent, or you are a STEM professional looking for your next appointment, contact Langham Recruitment today and let’s make a difference together.


Langham Recruitment, STEM Recruitment Agency

Langham Recruitment

Langham Recruitment is consultancy that has played a central role in the STEM industry, recruiting for over 500 clients since 2001 across the UK, Europe and the United States. With a much needed update to their website due to meet the demands of their position within their sector they turned to us. We put together a fast and fully responsive modern recruitment site that is GDPR compliant and more than enough to handle what will be asked of it.

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