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Hunter & Thompson: More than Just a Numbers Game10/2018

London recruitment specialists Hunter & Thompson celebrating new site launch

Job hunting can be a time consuming, laborious and frustrating process; it is, after all, one of the most stressful times of anyone’s life. The endless applications, the growing pile of rejections…all you want is to get the chance to show what you are truly capable of! The trouble is there is a long line of people who might be better suited to the role, or might not be more qualified but have a stronger CV. If you go to a recruitment agency it’s all just a numbers game anyway – isn’t it? If that’s your experience then you obviously haven’t tried Hunter & Thompson.

Since 2003 the partners have been working independently within different organisations, deciding to came together to pool their different experiences so that they could offer something different within the client- candidate relationship scenario, hence the formation of Hunter and Thompsons Recruitment Agency. Hunter & Thompson have become one of the most reputable and trusted recruitment consultancies both across the Greater London area and all over the UK. They have developed close working relationships with some of the largest and most well-known employers in the country, while always having time for smaller businesses too. Every client matters and so does every candidate.

Unlike many high street job agencies, to Hunter & Thompson recruitment isn’t all about the numbers. They will never throw CVs at a client and hope that one sticks. They will never just add a candidate to a database and forget about them. Every candidate that has what it takes to pass the stringent vetting process can be assured of the attention of a dedicated, responsive, professional and friendly consultant whose sole mission is to find the position that best suits that individual.

They will get to know what you are capable of and match you to your dream job. All the support you may need in the build up to the interview will be provided and, if you are unsuccessful this time you will be given detailed feedback to make your interview technique for the next job even stronger.

Clients stay with Hunter & Thompson because they know the service they will receive is second to none. Every vacancy that arises will be met with determination and enthusiasm as the search begins on internal and external databases, and employing social media and hard copy marketing. No stone is ever left unturned in the hunt for the individual with the exact qualifications, skills and experience to match the opportunity. On top of that they will have the sort of personality and character to be a perfect fit for your organisation.

Hunter & Thompson offer permanent, temporary and long/short term contract opportunities on a full or part time basis in the following sectors:

  • IT
  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Construction & Engineering

There is also an Executive Search section that has proved to be a popular choice for employers looking for experienced professionals to fill senior positions within their organisations. Whoever you are looking for Hunter & Thompson will find the perfect candidate.

Contact Hunter & Thompson today and discover a recruitment agency more concerned with quality than quantity.

Hunter and

Hunter and Thompson, Recruitment Agency

Hunter and Thompson

Hunter & Thompson are a highly respected recruitment consultancy with offices in London and serving the entire UK. They came to Zero-One Design because the website they had been using wasn’t up to the task and they needed something that better represented their brand. Well, that’s what we do. The site they are now running is GDPR compliant, attractive, fast and responsive and as feature packed as they could possibly need.

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