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A Career with Harvey Nichols, More Than Just a Job in a Shop11/2017

Luxury retailer Harvey Nichols celebrates launch of stylish new careers website

When writing an article on any subject you start with an introduction. In this case there seems to be very little point as the subject of the article needs no introduction – come on…it’s Harvey Nicks! When you’ve been the leading name in luxury retail for almost two centuries and a trendsetter in every sense of the word, introductions become rather unnecessary. Since first opening the doors of its Knightsbridge store in 1831, Harvey Nichols has maintained a reputation for excellence and opulence; a reputation that has spread around the world.

What has made Harvey Nichols stand out among other retailers since the 19th Century, and the reason it still leads the way in the 21st Century, is the people who work there. Dedicated staff who are not simply employees of a faceless corporation, they are members of the Harvey Nichols family and that counts for something very special.

Now, with the release of a new look in-house recruitment website, opportunities are opening up for you to join the family at all of their sites:

The Stores

  • Knightsbridge
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Dublin
  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds 
  • Liverpool

Other Sites

  • Distribution Centre & Online Studio just outside Northampton - where they photograph the products for the Harvey Nichols website.
  • HN Design Studio in Alperton, NW London – where the magic happens! This is where they create the fabulous designs and props for the famous window sets.
  • Oxo Tower Restaurant in London
  • Head Office in Chiswick

Why choose to work for Harvey Nichols? Well, what do you want from your career? Do you want place that is fun to work with a great atmosphere, friendly colleagues and a caring boss? Would you like the chance to work with the very best in your industry, being challenged by them, being inspired by them, learning from them and bettering yourself? Do you want a job with ongoing training and personal development, offering real chances for advancement? If this is what you are looking for in a career, then you should be looking at the new Harvey Nichols recruitment site.

Whatever inspires you, wherever your creativity leads you, a career with Harvey Nichols will be the best next step you could take. Whether it’s a career in their head office, a career in retail, or a career in hospitality, you should take a look at the amazing opportunities on offer with Harvey Nichols because, after all, it’s so much more than a job in a shop.



Harvey Nichols Careers

Harvey Nichols Careers

With the launch of the new Harvey Nichols recruitment website, we see the completion of a project that all of us here at Zero-One Design are particularly proud of and an end product that the board of Harvey Nichols are exceptionally happy with. Everyone here has put their heart and soul into this project over the past months - although that should come as no surprise to any of our customers as that is the way we work here: the website is the cornerstone for any business so we make sure we get it right; we like everybody to be happy! Zero-One Design has, over the years, become renowned...

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