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Global Empress Tackling Healthcare Staffing Shortage09/2018

Healthcare industry recruiter Global Empress launches new website

While we are bombarded with headlines telling us that the NHS is in meltdown over staffing shortages, you may be forgiven for thinking that our universal healthcare system, that we rely on and is the envy of the world, is teetering on the edge of collapse.  Yet, every day the medical professionals that work in our hospitals and clinics put in a herculean effort to ensure that is not the case. Instead of complaining about waiting times we should be applauding their efforts.

The truth is they do need help if they are to maintain the standard of care presently available. For that a recruitment company is needed that understands the industry and the particular obstacles they face every day. They need a recruiter that will work just as tirelessly as the professionals they recruit in their efforts to find the people with the right qualifications, skills and experience to not just make up the numbers, but to make a real and telling difference. They need a recruiter like Global Empress.

Global Empress isn’t like other recruitment companies you may have had dealings with in the past. Others may take down the details of the vacancy and immediately begin emailing CVs regardless of the candidates’ suitability for the position. Others may collect names for their database that will sit there waiting for the opportunity until one comes along that they did not want, yet they’re expected to settle for anything they’re offered.

Global Empress is not like those others!

The founder of Global Empress is Ashleigh O’Connell. She has over 16 years’ worth of experience in the healthcare sector and was the founder of the national award winning healthcare operation, the Herts Wellness Centre. That background and experience puts her in a position to understand exactly what difficulties the healthcare system faces, and the wherewithal to tackle them.

Ashleigh has overcome immense personal difficulties herself to get to this position (you can read Ashleigh’s story here) and she knows what rewards hard work and dedication can bring you. She sees and appreciates those qualities in others and will only add a candidate to her books who has demonstrated the sort of character her clients would expect.

It is this attention to detail and uncompromising attitude to recruitment that has seen clients from the public and private healthcare sectors across the UK signing up even before the website was officially launched this week. The word is out: there is a new major force in healthcare recruitment and change in the industry is afoot. That name is Global Empress.

To find out how healthcare recruitment should be done, contact Global Empress today.



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