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Data & Analytics Staffing Solved By Datum Recruitment04/2018

Datum Recruitment, market leader in Data & Analytics recruitment, launches new site

What is the most valuable commodity in the world? What is the single most important and sought after item you can own and trade? Is it gold or platinum? Saffron fetches quite a price. Or, perhaps, might it be certain substances a little less legal? Keep guessing. No? The most valuable commodity in the world is information.

As technology marches on unabated there is not much that can be deemed private anymore. Every interaction, every conversation and every purchase leaves an electronic footprint that reflects behaviour, habits, preferences and beliefs. All of that information is valuable to various industries as they use it to predict, among other things, market trends. This mountain of information is known as Big Data and the people with the skills to analyse and interpret it are as valuable as the information itself.

Where, then, do you find these analysts if they are so important and in such demand? The answer to that question is known to a great many industry leaders and, by knowing the answer, they have remained at the top table within their respective industries. The answer of course is Datum Recruitment.

Specialising in permanent and long/short term contract opportunities for skilled professionals and graduates in Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Big Data and Data Science, Datum Recruitment has over the past few years become the only choice for a great many companies representing various industries. They know that to be the best they need to recruit the best and Datum Recruitment is always going to be their first port of call. As demand for their services continues to grow, so Datum Recruitment has continued to innovate and this week sees the launch of their cutting edge, technologically advanced new-look recruitment website from Zero-One Design.

Next question: what is it that makes Datum Recruitment such a popular choice across multiple sectors? It all comes down to the overall quality of the consultants. They know their business inside and out because, apart from a great deal of experience in IT recruitment, they often come from a Data & Analytics background. They have worked in the industry and they know the qualities that clients are looking for and what it takes for the candidate to succeed. On application you will be thoroughly vetted with background and qualification checks and an in-depth interview; if you cannot meet the high standard set then you are not going to meet the clients.

If you get through the interview process and you have the skills, experience, qualifications and character required then you will have access to a wealth of opportunities to land your dream job with some of the most important and forward looking companies across a wide spectrum of industry sectors.

If you want to know more then contact Datum Recruitment today.

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Datum Recruitment

Datum Recruitment specialises in permanent and long/short term contract opportunities for skilled professionals and graduates in Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Big Data and Data Science. They are one of the leading names in their field. To maintain their position at the top they needed to stay ahead of the competition and what better way than with the very latest in recruitment website technology and design from Zero-One? We redesigned their logo and built a website that is fast, efficient, fully responsive, easily navigable and GDPR compliant.

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