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Conrad Scott Recruiting the Future of Recruitment09/2018

Recruitment to recruitment experts Conrad Scott relaunch website

On every high street in every town you will no doubt find at least one recruitment agency; whether a local agency recruiting for the area, or one that’s part of a national chain. Cities are dotted with them and online there are even more representatives of the industry. All of them dedicate themselves to saving time and money for their clients, who would rather avoid the painstaking task of filling whatever vacancies they may have. Let’s face it, recruiting just the right person to complement and enhance your existing team can be a lengthy and often unrewarding mission and, if you don’t get it right first time, can be costly.

Who, though, recruits the recruiters? Finding the right person with the necessary enthusiasm, skills and experience to drive the recruitment firm forward and with the personality traits to fit in with the existing company ethos is just as important to them as any other business in any other industry sector. If you ask that question among the myriad of agencies and consultancies you will more often than not get back one answer: Conrad Scott.

Imagine the perfect recruitment industry dream team. Imagine finding a company that is entirely comprised of serious big hitters from the world of recruitment, with many years’ worth of experience in high profile positions and a myriad network of contacts that reads like an industry wide who’s who. Imagine that company is run by a group of directors boasting over 20 years’ recruitment experience working within international FTSE 250 recruitment plc environments covering Internal Recruitment, IT Recruitment and Human Resources Recruitment. You don’t have to imagine though, all you have to do is check out the website they relaunched this week and then pick up the phone and call Conrad Scott!

Conrad Scott recruits for the general and specialist recruitment industry across the UK and around the world, providing graduate, trainee and experienced recruitment professionals for positions including:

• Trainee Recruitment Consultants /Graduate Trainee Recruitment Consultants
• Recruitment Consultants
• Researchers
• Resourcers
• Sales Executives
• Account Managers
• Business Development Managers
• Recruitment Managers/Branch Managers 
• Senior Executives & Directors

Whatever your needs, wherever you are based: be it offices in the UK, abroad or you occupy an online space, Conrad Scott can advise you on building a well-rounded recruitment team and supply the necessary people to make your recruitment business a success. Contact Conrad Scott today.

Conrad Scott

Conrad Scott - recruitment to recruitment

Conrad Scott

Conrad Scott is a recruitment to recruitment agency based in Manchester. They originally approached us during March 2011, with a brief to create their corporate styling, company logo and to design and launch their recruitment website. The website was completed and launched towards the end of April 2011. The website has a job search facility, jobs by email and candidate CV and tracking database.

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