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Anthoney Consulting Building a Bright Future05/2017

Construction, property and civil engineering recruitment consultancy Anthoney Consulting launch new website

So many companies struggle to find their feet when they first open their doors for business, a few may fall by the wayside, but occasionally one comes along that gets off to a flying start and never looks back. One such company is Anthoney Consulting; they have a great team in place, a worldwide network of contacts and clients clamouring for their services. You could call that a head start!

Based just outside Lausanne, Switzerland, Anthoney Consulting has positioned itself right at the very heart of Europe. From there they enjoy a truly global reach with a consultancy network that stretches around the world. It is a recruitment consultancy that specialises in sourcing the very best professionals for the construction, property and civil engineering industries. 

The secret to the instant impact they have had in this competitive arena is the down to the management team, with over 20 years’ worth of experience in global talent acquisition, bringing together a group of highly experienced and successful recruitment consultants who know their industry. The bonus came when these consultants brought their satisfied clients with them.

Anthoney Consulting is building a well-deserved reputation for excellence and locating those hard-to-find construction, property and civil engineering industry experts. Really, they’re not that hard to find if you have the experience to know where to look! Once in play these top professionals can really make a difference to a company’s future.

Apart from their obvious talents as recruiters, Anthoney Consulting’s services don’t end when they deliver the perfect candidate. They offer a comprehensive range of HR support services too. These include expertise in international staff mobility, staffing of major projects, compensation and benefits, and more besides. Whatever you need to get a major project off the ground, Anthoney Consulting are there to help.

Candidates considering their next career move in construction, property or civil engineering should consider the recruitment services offered by Anthoney Consulting. These recruiters have experience, not just in personnel placement, but from actually working in the same industry as you. This means you know that they know what you are talking about. They take time to find out your strengths, skills, qualifications and experience. By getting to know you they are better able to find the right role with the right employer.

Contact Anthoney Consulting today and talk to someone who knows your industry.

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Anthoney Consulting

Anthoney consulting is a recruitment and HR consultancy based just outside Lausanne, Switzerland. They specialise in recruitment for the Construction, property and civil engineering industries and from their base in the heart of Europe they enjoy a global reach with a worldwide network of consultants. As a start-up enterprise we kitted them out with everything they will need to take them forward including logo, corporate branding and stationery design, along with a fast, powerful and efficient fully responsive recruitment website.

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