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Abercorn Sinclair Growing Talented Teams 05/2019

Announcing the launch of Abercorn Sinclair, Engineering, Big Data & Tech recruitment website, Scotland.

Abercorn Sinclair was founded by Keith Tocher who has over 19 years operational management, media and technical recruitment experience. He has supported many businesses during this time from start-ups to multinationals.

His mission was to provide unbiased market leading intelligent solutions to both candidates and clients offering in depth market knowledge and value add services. He recognised the skill shortages emerging in the IT, software and the electronics design sectors and also the way companies hire, develop and retain employees has evolved over recent years. Having worked in the industry he knows the qualities that clients are looking for and what it takes for the candidate to succeed.

Specialising in permanent and long/short term contract opportunities for skilled professionals and graduates in Big Data, Engineering, IT Software, Life Science and Startups, Abercorn Sinclair operates the length and breadth of the UK with specific focus on the top 8 tech-hubs, building a talent pool of candidates looking to relocate to combat skills gaps in organisations looking to hire.

We know they have what it takes to propel their company to prominence with their commitment, passion and drive to succeed.

For more information on their comprehensive candidate and client service offerings take a look at Abercorn Sinclair.

Abercorn Sinclair -

Abercorn Sinclair, Engineering, Tech Recruitment

Abercorn Sinclair

Abercorn Sinclair are a new start up business based in Edinburgh specialising in Engineering, Big Data, Life Sciences & IT. They approached us at Recruitive looking for an modern attractive website but needed a quick turnround. We were happy to rise to the challenge. In just over 4 weeks from order, we provided them with the latest in recruitment website technology, designing a fast and efficient, fully responsive, secure and GDPR compliant website that is easy to navigate.

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