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Upstairs Downstairs Recruitment via VillaJobs.com04/2018

Villa and private residence staffing recruitment specialist opens doors

Some people are fortunate enough to own more than one home, there are some who own several homes scattered around the world and enjoy following the seasons. If you are one of those lucky few then you will want your other homes to be as well attended as your primary residence and for that you are going to need the right staff. If you are unable to travel with a large entourage then this means employing locally and that can be difficult and time-consuming; so, who can you trust to find the people you need? There is only one name that should be springing to mind when you ask yourself that particular question:

Based in the heart of beautiful Antibes, France, is the number one choice for recruiting the key staff you need for your villa or private residence. Wherever you are they will help you find personnel that suit your requirements because is a global enterprise with a large database of highly skilled and highly experienced staff hailing from all over the world. It helps in that regard to be partnered with the highly successful global recruiter offers permanent, seasonal or temporary cover opportunities for 

  • Estate Managers
  • Villa Managers
  • Butlers
  • Chefs
  • Chauffeurs
  • Domestic Staff
  • and more

Whatever your requirements might be, wherever in the world you are, is there to provide the right staff for you 24/7, 365 days a year. 

All of the candidates that are currently available on their extensive database have been thoroughly vetted with background checks carried out. They have the right experience, the right skills and the right paperwork to back it up. They also have the right personality to fit in with your existing team and that is possibly the most important trait that they can bring into your employ. To keep the household running smoothly it certainly makes a difference when everyone knows their job and all of them are pulling in the same direction. offers three types of service to their clients:

  1. Job Posting Service - Post your own job advert with and manage the responses from candidates who would then apply directly to you.
  2. CV Search - Search the CV database of candidates and contact them directly
  3. Placement Service - Let help you find key personnel, with the right background, work experience, the right attitude and with the right personality to compliment your team

If you are looking for an experienced person to join your team in your villa or private residence, or you are a candidate with the skills and experience needed to help run a household, contact today!


Villa Jobs, Villa & Private Residence Jobsboard is the sister site to, the specialist chef recruitment service for the global superyacht industry. Thanks to the success that company enjoys, this new site’s mission - the recruitment of household staff for villas and private residences all over the world - is already headed for similar fortunes. Just like the sister site, this is an example of a Zero-One Design jobsboard that comes fully loaded with all the online recruiter might need. It is easily accessible, fast, secure, fully responsive and GDPR compliant.

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