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Connecting Job Seekers With Recruitment Agencies10/2019

New Jobsboard The Rec Bank, is a Tech-Driven Job Board for Recruitment Agencies and Candidates.

The Rec Bank is a new website that is the first of its kind: a jobsboard built exclusively for recruitment agencies to advertise on. They can upload all of their opportunities for jobs anywhere in the country, across a wide range of industry sectors, knowing they will already have an engaged audience of jobseekers in their area, or further afield, waiting for the chance to pursue their dream career. Features include posting unlimited job vacancies through their agency dashboard, CV distribution, Agency Microsite creation, Sponsorship Opportunities.

For people looking for work this site is a real boon. The site simplifies job searching by providing a platform to job vacancies exclusive to recruitment agencies in a wide range of sectors and locations. Candidates can opt in to share their CV with recruiters all over the UK working in their field to increase the chance of quickly finding their next role.

This creates a huge “Talent Pool” where recruitment agencies from everywhere can match the requirements of their clients with the skills, experience and qualifications on record. Why can’t recruitment always be this easy?

Natalie Richards, The Rec Bank founder said, “At Rec Bank we believe that the time, energy and resources candidates put into their job search should be applied to their career, not registering with multiple agencies that may not have a suitable position at that time.

We’re excited to officially launch Rec Bank and assist candidates in finding their dream role, which in turn gives agencies the performance that comes with finding the right candidates for their clients” added Natalie.

If you are a recruitment agency and you want to make finding the perfect candidates easy, contact The Rec Bank today.

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