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recruit3: Making a Difference In and For Wales09/2017

Recruitment website specialising in the voluntary sector in Wales launches this week

The traditional image of the voluntary sector is of people giving up their time for free, their only reward being the help that they can give to others. You may think: “yes that’s all well and good, I’d love to help but where will I find the time while I’m looking for a job?” In fact you might be surprised to learn that charities across Wales employ over 46,000 people in a wide variety of roles, offering very competitive salaries and flexible working patterns. With that in mind, ask yourself this: why aren’t I looking for my next job in the not-for-profit sector?

recruit3 is a brand new jobsboard solely dedicated to finding the best talent available for charities in Wales. It features a wide range of employment opportunities working for a choice of Welsh charities, including: management and executive positions, fundraising, administration, IT, finance and many more. It has been developed in association with the WCVA and The Big Issue Cymru. It aims to promote the vital work that charities do and help them compete with the public and private sectors in terms of recruitment of highly skilled professionals looking for their next challenge.

You may ask yourself why you would want to work for a charity. There are several reasons why working in the third sector is the sort of career move that you always dreamed of. To begin with, wouldn’t you like to work as part of a team with shared ideology that’s all pulling in the same direction? Many of us have experienced a corporate career that can be, to put it mildly, competitive; perhaps cutthroat might be a better word! You may have noticed everybody climbing over each other to advance and claim bonuses? In the not-for-profit sector there is a different mind-set. They aren’t competing with each other because the struggle is external rather than internal. 

Instead of stifling ambition and having your ideas ignored or stolen by superiors and claimed as their own, charities encourage input, fresh ideas and ambition. You will get the chance to test your existing skills to the limit and then expand them further. You might learn new skills to add to your toolbox along the way.

As some charities operate across international borders you may get opportunities to travel to far off places that aren’t available to others. Wouldn’t you love to visit other countries and meet people who need your help? You wouldn’t just be making a difference in Wales, you’d be helping to change the world!

That is the number one reason why people get involved: making a difference. The rewards are not just monetary - although in order to compete for the best talent the charities have had to up their game - the feeling of doing some good and changing the lives of others for the better is the greatest reward of all. 

Visit recruit3 and see what a difference you can make.

recruit3 Voluntary Charity Recruitment Jobsboard


recruit3 is a new jobsboard developed in association with the WCVA and The Big Issue Cymru. It specialises in the recruitment of people for charities and voluntary organisations in Wales. Helping people and making a real difference in their lives is something that all of us at Zero-One Design will always support. The website itself is an example of our latest fully responsive jobsboard. It is attractive to the user and easy to navigate. It has all the features it may need to carry on the good work.

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