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Ochul Jobs: Champions of Diversity in Recruitment03/2018

New recruitment company Ochul Jobs puts diversity and inclusivity in the workplace first with site release

As the new millennium gathers pace we have seen a change in the sort of antiquated negative attitudes towards anyone who is different. This is occurring at every level of society; there is especially a marked change in institutions where they were supposedly entrenched. Although it is a welcome progression, have we yet gone far enough to root out the negative mind-set against those who are of a different ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, education, and religion? The challenge is out there to achieve true equality for all and it is a gauntlet that Ochul Jobs has gladly and proudly picked up. 

Ochul Jobs is a new recruitment jobsboard that has one overriding cause: to champion diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. The founder believes in a future where everyone has an equal chance in life and won’t be held back because of their life choices or backgrounds. They have begun the fight for everyone’s’ rights this week with the launch of their website.

Ochul Jobs provides a recruitment platform for companies all over the world ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations. It offers opportunities for everyone from graduates to seasoned professionals looking for permanent or short/long term contract positions in a wide range of sectors including:

• Banking and finance
• Retail
• Human resources
• Administration
• Marketing
• Executive and management
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Energy production and distribution
• Engineering
• Transportation and logistics
• …and many more

Ochul Jobs encourages forward thinking businesses to make a real difference and lead the way so other employers might follow. By discriminating against people based on their race, their faith or their sexual or gender identification, businesses around the world are missing out on all these talented and highly motivated individuals have to offer. All it takes is one person to stand up and do the right thing, if that encourages those around them before you know it you have a movement. Something as simple as that can change the world.

We are all different in some way so all of us should be supported, respected and valued and what makes us different should be celebrated. If every ingredient was the same the dish would be bland!

If you believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed and you want to help make that happen, contact Ochul Jobs today and together we’ll work towards a more inclusive future.


Ohcul Jobs, Equality & Diversity Jobsboard

Ohcul Jobs

Ochul Jobs is a jobsboard that brings in jobs from various websites and promoting featured jobs and other advertisers. Nothing new there, you might say. What sets them apart is their dedication to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace by encouraging employers to look beyond what makes individuals different and take advantage of the untapped skills that they possess. It’s a worthy cause that Zero-One Design gets behind. The site we have built is secure and fully responsive and links to PayPal for its payment system.

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