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Careers in Justice Create Opportunities & Make a Difference08/2017

New Justice System career hub celebrates website launch

What are prisons for? This may seem like a silly and pointless question because, after all, isn’t the answer obvious? They are there to separate those deemed dangerous to society from society itself; they are there to punish offenders. Yet what can the prison system hope to achieve if those punished, upon the completion of their sentence, return to society only to reoffend?

Recidivism rates in the UK are alarming. Each year thousands of crimes are committed by people released from prisons all over the country. The question therefore stands: what are prisons for? If emphasis was less on containment and more on rehabilitation then the numbers reoffending would drop considerably.

Some might argue that the cost is prohibitive, but what is that figure compared to the cost of the crimes committed and the cost of keeping prisoners locked up? The prisons are already far too overcrowded as it is. Thankfully this is being recognised at the highest levels and changes are afoot. By providing education and training for offenders, who might not have had access to such in the past, can give them a chance to create order in their own lives where there was chaos. They can become valuable and valued members of society instead of ignored outsiders. Eventually, the work that is being put in now will hopefully bear fruit for generations.

Central to this tide change is a new website that has launched this week called Careers in Justice. It is the amalgamation of three previous online entities that covered offender education, offender resettlement and the Prison Service. Now they have been brought together to form a unique career hub serving the justice sector.

All three of these parts are equally important to the whole:

Education – helping offenders gain vital skills that will enable them to take advantage of employment opportunities and access to doors that have been previously closed to them.

Resettlement – By providing support with housing, financial queries, employment, education and more for those released from prison, the resettlement worker provides a stable platform for the offender making the often difficult transition into society. This is a vital weapon in the fight against reoffending.

The Prison Service – Working as a prison officer keeping both the public and the prisoners safe can be a difficult and trying task. On the other hand, this is what makes it a most rewarding career. 

Careers in Justice offers opportunities and job opening in prisons all over the UK for those with the skills, knowledge and experience to make a difference for the offenders themselves. Yet it is more than just a recruitment site for the staff the prison service needs. It is a place where all the very latest news, information, support and advice are available for both candidates and employers, allowing them to stay up to date with the latest developments in their industry.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in any of the three areas covered above and you have the skills and experience to make a real difference to peoples’ lives, both in prison and in the wider community; if you represent a prison looking for specialist staff; if you are already working in the justice system and want to take on a new challenge, or just keep up to date with all that’s new in your industry, take a look at Careers in Justice.

Careers In

Careers In Justice - Justice System Career Hub

Careers In Justice

Careers in Justice is a new fully responsive website that we designed that takes the place of three previous sites covering offender education, offender resettlement and the Prison Service. It is a hub for everyone involved in the justice sector where they can search and apply for job opportunities around the country, as well as all the latest industry news, events, articles offering support and advice etc.

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