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RecruitSME: Standing Up to the Big Boys05/2017

RecruitSME proud to announce the launch of new jobsboard for entry level candidates applying for positions at small to medium sized companies

Over the years we’ve seen the demise of many British small businesses in the face of overwhelming market domination by huge multinational corporations. It may be down to the amount these behemoths can spend on advertising and marketing, meaning more people have heard of them and the product they offer; whether that product is superior or inferior is immaterial. Or it could be down to how low a price they can afford to offer their product for, thus driving the smaller competition out of business before ramping up the price. Is all fair in love, war and business? It’s time the mouse roared and stood up to the big boys!

One way of pushing back is for SMEs to recruit the very best personnel who share their drive and ambition. People who want to work for a small but exciting firm, one that is constantly striving to create the very best product or service out there. Following the launch of their new website this week, RecruitSME aims to add a bit more balance to the marketplace. They specialise in the recruitment of entry level and graduate candidates for SMEs; providing fantastic opportunities for a range of training and work experience for career entrants.

Candidates can search for jobs register for job alerts and create their own profile by recording a minute long video clip. This “About Me” video lets them express themselves and demonstrate their personality in a way a CV never could and gives employers an insight into what they will be getting if they offer the candidate a job. 

There is also a facility for clients to record their own video clip; selling themselves to the potential candidate and convincing them that they are the best fit for the skills and qualifications the candidate has to offer. This can take the form of an “About Us” video,  or “A Day in the Life Of…” describing the duties the employee will undertake, the team they will be working with, and what they will be working towards.

With almost five million companies currently trading across the UK, 96% operate with less than ten employees. The opportunities available for candidates are numerous. RecruitSME wants to help these small to medium-sized companies source the best individuals to join their team and be a part of the push forward.

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