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Logo Design

Your Logo acts like a mental shortcut to customers or clients so its is important that you get it right. Along with the advances in technology and social media its is also vital that every business has its own icon as part of its brand.

People can make a subconscious judgement on your brand in less than 50 miliseconds so first impressions count a great deal, a memorable logo can make people connect with your brand and help them  understand what your about and recall your business down the line.

  • Logos should be bold and simple,
  • Logos should look just as good in black and white
  • Logos should send out the right message
  • Be timeless
  • Be unique
  • Work well alongside your competitors
  • Work well on social media and mobile platforms.

Below are some of the Logos that we have designed for our clients.

goglobal Student Logo Design

Logo Design

Consortio RG Logo Design

Logo Design

Find a TV Expert

Logo Design

Flexiworkforce Logo

Logo Design

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