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Employment Enjoyment

Monday Nov 30

Employment Enjoyment

Employment Enjoyment is an example of a recruitment agency website, which has a little more bespoke functionality than our start up recruitment websites.

The old website of Employment Enjoyment was not very search engine friendly and had a dated design.

They approached us with a brief to improve search engine optimisation, to re-design their site and to utlilise a number of other domain names that they had purchased over the years.

We were able to re-design their website with a modern layout, which is also well optimised for search engines.

The admin system of the website uses our unique domain management system where multiple domain names may be pointed to the site and the admin system allows them to manually select which pages, and job search results are to be displayed when the domain name is used.

This website also integrates with their internal database system for the posting of vacancies and the receipt of applications.


Employment Enjoyment

Another New Website Launched

We are pleased to launch the new, re-designed website, of Employment Enjoyment from Cheltenham.This new website is fully optimised and uses our unique domain management system to utilise multiple domain names across the site. This website is also linked with their internal database for the posting of vacancies and the receipt of applications.This is their launch press release:"Employment enjoyment, Cheltenham  is proud to announce that the new suite of websites at employment enjoyment, enjoy sales, enjoy IT, enjoy creative and enjoy finance have all gone live today. This marks a new...

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