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Student Semester Europe – The Best Way to Learn07/2018

American students wishing to study in London or Paris flocking to new look Student Semester Europe following site relaunch

They say you don’t know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes; the same can be said about another culture. If you want to improve your language skills, or improve your knowledge about another country that you are studying, the best way to achieve your aims is to go there and spend time among the people. Experience like this can prove incredibly valuable when it comes to your final grades. This is experience that you can gain thanks to Student Semester Europe; they’ll get you there.

Student Semester Europe has been enabling students from all over the United States to visit London and Paris in the pursuit of educational excellence for several years. They are the best in their field. Now, to keep up with demand, they have had a major overhaul of their website and have relaunched, bringing American students even more opportunities to get a taste of life in France and Great Britain.

If your university course requires it you can turn to Student Semester Europe for any help you may require to get you to one of these two great and historic cities. Whatever you need, Student Semester Europe will work hard to make it happen: applying for the courses, sorting out student visas, finding accommodation, a full range of support and advice – anything you may want, they are only a phone call away!

As well as all the other great services they provide, Student Semester Europe has a fantastic range of optional daytrips and excursions in England and France to add to your package and make it not just a memorable, but a truly enriching experience. Visit the new website for details.

Why choose London?

London can be called one of the most diverse and vibrant cities on Earth. It is truly a world city and a trading hub going back almost two millennia. It still exists as a centre of trade and attracts tourists, students and residents from just about every nation. This makes it a real melting pot of cultures.

Renowned for its education system and great universities, a qualification from a British institution will sit proudly on your résumé and open a great many doors in your future.

Why choose Paris?

Paris is another ancient city that has been a romantic destination for Americans for many decades. The City of Lights, as it is known, oozes culture and promises interesting architecture at every turn, a truly French atmosphere, a proud history and incredible food. If you want to improve your French language skills there is no better way than immersing yourself in Parisian life.

Can’t decide?

Student Semester Europe can arrange for a visit to London while you study in Paris or a trip to Paris while you study in London. The best of both worlds!

Whichever city you choose to study in, you will be assured of an experience like no other plus a real boost to your education. Take a look at and immerse yourself in another culture.

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