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SportRecruit Giving Elite & Professional Sport New Direction02/2018

Worldwide professional sports executive and senior management recruitment specialist announces new website launch

The biggest sports clubs and franchises around the world think nothing of spending tens of millions of pounds, euros or dollars in pursuit of their latest superstar player. In this day and age it is accepted as something you need to do just to keep up. Something else that you will notice about these elite organisations, something they all have in common, is a number of individuals in executive and management positions that are making the day-to-day decisions that keep the club running smoothly. You might not see them, diehard fans might not even know all of their names, but they are there in the background working hard to ensure every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. They are as vital to the success of the club as the players on the pitch.

People with the knowledge and understanding of how to run such an organisation successfully are coveted for the skills they bring to bear; therefore, if you want to find someone with that level of expertise you need a specialist with high level contacts within your chosen sport. You need to pay a visit to to find someone who moves in those kinds of circles. is a new company launched by popular demand of the various clubs, leagues and federations that exist across all elite and professional sports around the world. Its founder is Efrem Leigh, someone who knows all the right people after spending over a dozen years in high level executive and management recruitment for football and rugby around the world. His expertise in the recruitment of executives was noticed by representatives of other sporting disciplines and the requests for his services came flooding in.

With locations in the UK, Europe and the USA, representing every professional and elite level sport, his company has opportunities for:

  • Chief Executive, General Manager or Managing Director
  • Director of Coaching, Technical Director, Performance Director, Senior Medical and Senior Technical & Back Room Staff
  • Commercial Director, Marketing Director, Product Director, Sales Director
  • Ground, Stadium and Facilities Management
  • Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director, or Director of IT or HR Director
  • Media Director, PR and Communications Director
  • Executive and Senior Management Jobs with Governing Bodies in sport

Every team that enjoys success out on the field needs a team behind it that brings success to the club as a whole. If your club, franchise, league or federation needs the very best and most experienced people for executive and management positions to help you go to the next level, then contact and let them find you a winner.

Sport Recruit

Sport Recruit Elite & Professional Sport Recruiter

Sport Recruit

People all over the world love their sport and worship the players on their team. They don’t always appreciate the hard work that goes on in the background. specialises in executive and management level recruitment for elite and professional sports in all its guises all over the world. Here at Zero-One design we love our sport just as much as anyone else so we were pleased to help. We have put together yet another example of one of our high-end recruitment websites: fully responsive, agile, quick and capable enough to handle anything that’s thrown at it.

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