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New Look MPA Recruitment Stays at Heart of NI Jobs Market04/2018

MPA Recruitment announces relaunch of website following rebranding exercise

According to research carried out at the beginning of the year, the jobs market in Northern Ireland is expecting to be fluid. It seems that a large proportion of the adult workforce is considering changing employer or actively seeking a new job. The opportunities for a fresh start or upward movement are out there; new businesses are moving to the province and many existing businesses are in the process of expanding. Jobs are being created and new avenues are opening, creating fantastic opportunities for the people of Northern Ireland and, at the heart of it all, stands MPA Recruitment.

Since they first opened their doors of their Derry-based offices back in 1997, MPA have had their finger on the pulse of the Northern Ireland jobs market. Serving Londonderry, Belfast, Coleraine, Omagh and the whole of the Six Counties and offering permanent and temporary positions across all business sectors, along with a separate Healthcare Division, they have become the largest independent indigenous recruitment agency in the country.

To get to the top to table, you have to earn your place. MPA Recruitment has earned its place at the top by being the best at what it does; by earning the trust of both candidates looking for their next job in whatever industry they choose and some of the biggest and most influential employers around.

In the recruitment business you can’t afford to stand still; if you stand still you might as well be going backwards, so fierce is the competition. Therefore MPA has undergone a makeover. They have seen a complete rebranding and updating of their online presence, evident this week with the launch of their new website embracing the very latest recruitment technology and social media tools. By adding their reputation for excellent customer service, market knowledge and hard work on behalf of both clients and candidates, it becomes obvious what has got MPA Recruitment this far.

If you know your clients’ businesses inside out because you have taken the time to find out, if you know exactly what a candidate wants out of their next job and exactly what they are capable of because you have taken the time to find out, if you can match the two together for the benefit of both then you have the edge over any rival recruitment agency. MPA Recruitment has always taken the time.

Contact MPA Recruitment and discover for yourself why they are the very best at what they do.

MPA Recruitment

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MPA Recruitment

MPA Recruitment have been offering permanent and temporary job opportunities across all business sectors, including a separate Healthcare Division, since opening their doors in Derry in 1997.  Now they can proudly say they are the largest indigenous recruiter in Northern Ireland. To maintain their top spot they have to move with the times. They needed a Zero-One rebranding exercise that included new logo design and business stationery to match, along with the very latest in cutting edge recruitment technology in our fast, powerful and responsive website with all the features they...

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