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Linq Recruitment Showing Start-Ups How It Should Be Done02/2018

Technical and engineering industries witness Linq Recruitment website launch

It has often been quoted from various ‘reliable’ sources that most start-ups go under within the first 12-18 months. The figures vary depending on who you ask but can be anywhere from 50, 80 or even 90%! Whether this is a myth that has gained solidity through repetition, as some claim, or these figures are accurate is immaterial; the truth is getting a new business off the ground and gaining enough traction to keep it alive in the vital first couple of years is no easy job. Then again, not all start-ups are created equal…

When a group of people come together with the accumulated wealth of relevant industry knowledge and experience that the founders of Linq enjoy - well, failure is something that happens somewhere else. With over 30 years in engineering and recruitment, along with the shared commitment, passion and drive to succeed, they have what it takes to propel their company to prominence. If you have the right ingredients to begin with then the statistics, true or not, don’t really matter.

Based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, Linq Recruitment offer permanent or long/short term contract opportunities across the UK for professionals in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Interior/Fit out
  • Airport
  • Rail
  • Management & Technical

There is a growing database of high quality professionals at Linq because they know their dedicated recruitment consultant puts in a great deal of work to get make sure the candidate gets a great deal.

Linq’s recruitment consultants are proud of their reputation within the industry and, because of this, only the very best candidates are considered. If you have what it takes to get through the stringent vetting and interview procedures then you will find all the support you might ever need in getting that dream technical or engineering job.

Companies in need of the very best people available to fill positions ranging from senior management and executive positions, qualified technicians and tradespeople to general operatives and site support staff are signing up with Linq. Along with the clients who have supported Linq Recruitment from the beginning, word is beginning to spread among companies all over the UK. There is a growing appreciation of the quality of service this young yet passionate company offers and that is down to the reputation that the founders have brought with them: a reputation for reliability, honesty, flexibility and consistency in the delivery of a superior product.

Contact Linq today and discover up to the minute recruitment technology hand-in-hand with good old fashioned customer service.


LinQ Recruitment Technical & Engineering

LinQ Recruitment

Linq Recruitment is a new company operating out of its Beaconsfield offices and serving the whole of the UK. They specialise in the permanent and long/short term recruitment of technical and engineering professionals in the following industrial sectors: Construction, Mechanical & Electrical, Interior/Fit out, Airport, Rail, and Management & Technical. This project involved the creation of their corporate branding, logo, business stationery as well as their website. It is as secure and responsive as you would expect from a recruitment website by Zero-One Design.

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