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Laz Partners Giving Clients an Unfair Advantage05/2017

Specialists in Macro and Multi-Asset Executive Search Laz Partners launch new recruitment website

The City can be a dangerous place for the ill-prepared; make no mistake the world of high finance is the fiercest competition of all and, as in all competitions, there are winners and losers. It is not for the faint of heart. It is a race to the top and for every one person who makes it there are a hundred left in their wake. The only way to win this race is by assembling the best team; a team with the foresight to see what is coming, the wisdom to interpret it correctly and the courage to act upon it.

To form such a team you need some very talented and experienced individuals and to assemble these individuals you need a recruitment firm with consultants who know how to pick a winner. You need Laz Partners. Based in Baker Street, London, Laz Partners is the new recruitment and executive search consultancy that The City has been talking about recently. It was founded by Alex Lazardis, a man with impeccable credentials and a strong background, both in macroeconomics and recruitment. The team of consultants that he brought together also share a similar background with a working knowledge of how the financial world operates and an experienced eye to spot the best talent.

Laz Partners concentrate almost exclusively on the top-down macro-focused and multi-asset space, with clients including hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, asset managers and family offices complimenting their existing teams with fresh and hungry strategists, economists, analysts, CIOs and PMs. Interested clients are already pleased to have signed up as they see the rewards of taking on the best and brightest, sourced by Laz Partners. 

Prospective candidates are eager to join the large and growing database because they recognise their chances of landing their dream job with some of the biggest names in The City. If they have what it takes to see the big picture in terms of the economy, and what it takes to know when and where to make the winning move, Laz Partners will offer the support they need to make it all the way to the top table.

Global economic uncertainty and the approach of Brexit present challenges certainly, but they also present incredible opportunities. Investment firms are looking for people who can not only appreciate the machine, but who can recognise the individual components that make it run smoothly. If that is you then it is time you took your career to the next level with employers who properly reward talent like yours.

Contact Laz Partners today and get ahead of the competition.

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Laz Partners

Laz Partners is a recruitment and executive search consultancy based in London that concentrates on top-down macro-focused and multi-asset roles including strategists, economists, analysts, CIOs and Portfolio Managers for some of the most recognisable investment firms in The City. In their quest to become the most influential recruiter in their sector, we helped them on their way with our latest recruitment site, logo and stationery design and hosting. 

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