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Jon Taylor Associates - Planning Success in 201801/2018

Website launch for Jon Taylor Associates, expert recruiters in Town Planning, Urban Design and Green Spaces

Architecture and town planning in British towns and cities have seen some grim times. This was especially true of the 1960s and 70s. Britain was sprawled with estates and large grey tower blocks blighting landscapes up and down the country.

Since those dark days, Town Planners have learnt their lesson. They are beginning to create a more attractive environment for us all to enjoy. 
This urban and suburban revolution can only be made possible with a new way of thinking. Social responsibility on the part of those making the important decisions is key.

There is now a new breed of forward thinking architect and town planner. We are now seeing an extremely high demand for their services. To meet this demand of people that can make a big difference, there is one recruitment company which is determined to stand out above all others in this field: Jon Taylor Associates.

Jon Taylor Associates (JTA) has gathered together a team of highly experienced and highly motivated consultants. Consultants that have a track record of success in recruitment within the Land, Planning & Development sectors.

Based in Swansea, but serving clients across the UK and beyond. JTA specialise in the sourcing, development and placement of highly experienced and talented professionals. JTA has a focus on recruiting for senior positions with companies ranging from small bespoke consultancies to global multidisciplinary corporations involved with:

  • Development Management
  • Planning Policy
  • Planning Enforcement
  • Urban Design
  • Historical Buildings
  • Land Management

The type of person they are seeking is someone looking for permanent or a short/long term contract in this line of work. Someone who has a few years’ worth of experience at a senior level and knows their way around this exciting sector. This won’t be your first rodeo, so to speak; the opportunities presented to you will be suitable for someone already at their second or third job level upward. If you bring the attributes JTAs clients require, your dedicated consultant will provide you with all the advice, help and support you could possibly need to help further your career.

Building a team is a simple task, you just put people together. However, building a winning team is something else altogether. It is a painstaking process that takes time and not a small amount of skill and insight. Imagine it is similar to cooking: one wrong ingredient and the whole dish is ruined!

This is why you need Jon Taylor Associates. The people at JTA are expert team builders and will take the whole project off your hands, thus saving you one of your most valuable assets – time. At JTA the consultants are assigned the sector and geographic area they already have experience of, so you can be assured they know your local market intimately.

If you are involved in Town Planning, Urban Design and the creation of Green Spaces you need a successful team; for the most successful team builder contact Jon Taylor Associates today. 

Jon Taylor

Jon Taylor Associates Town Planning Recruitment

Jon Taylor Associates

Jon Taylor Associates is a new client of Zero-One Design who ordered this new website not long before Christmas and needed it launched in the New Year to coincide with the launch of the new company. They are a recruitment consultancy based in Swansea city centre that specialises in sourcing professionals to fill senior positions in Town Planning, Urban Design and Green Spaces. To fulfil their brief we needed to put together a website that has all the attributes needed by a modern recruitment firm. It is fast, responsive, easily navigable, attractive and professional.

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