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Galahad Cade: Recruitment in Health,Safety & Environment04/2018

Specialist recruitment consultancy Galahad Cade announces launch of new look website

When you are looking to add to your existing team, or you are beginning to build one from the ground up to fulfil a new role that has recently arisen within your organisation, you need to know that your staff supplier is one you can trust. You need to be able to rely on them to deliver people who have all the right attributes required to be a positive influence, both on the team and on your business. You need them to find that hidden gem: someone who will fit in with the culture you have worked hard to create within your company; someone who will share your aims and see your vision of where the company is headed. If your company is working in the fields of Health, Safety & Environment, CDM or Property & Surveying then the recruiter you need to be talking to is Galahad Cade.

Based in the heart of London and serving not just the rest of the UK and Europe, but involved with recruitment on a global scale, Galahad Cade is one of the first names you will hear mentioned within the circles of their industry specialisation of Health, Safety and Environment, CDM, and Property & Surveying. They have built a well-deserved reputation for excellence, diligence and trustworthiness that they are rightly proud of and work harder than anyone to preserve. They have also announced this week the launch of their new-look website designed to help them remain on top of their summit.

Galahad Cade offers opportunities for long/short term contracts or permanent placement within the following disciplines:

  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Process Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Construction Design& Management (CDM)
  • Property & Surveying

Why is Galahad Cade so different? It may come down to the principles upon which the company was founded: the fact that they don’t count their successes based on how many people they place in jobs, rather the successes they celebrate are based on the satisfaction of clients and candidates. With the consultants at Galahad Cade you are treated how you wish to be treated and you are never just another statistic on a spreadsheet. 

If their clients wanted just numbers, if they wanted worker drones then they wouldn’t go to Galahad Cade. They are looking for skilled and experienced professionals who have been judged a perfect fit to help fulfil their company’s aims and ambitions – that is why they come to Galahad Cade. 

Galahad Cade is not just another recruitment agency, the management and consultants see themselves as relationship builders. Long lasting relationships built solidly on trust. Contact Galahad Cade today and start working towards tomorrow.



Galahad Cade Health, Safety & Environment Recruit

Galahad Cade

With the new data protection rules coming into force in May, we’re seeing a number of companies rushing to make sure their website is GDPR compliant. They realise the importance of this and so should you! Galahad Cade is a recruitment consultancy that specialises in finding professionals in the Health, Safety & Environment, Property & Surveying and Construction Design & Management industries. We were happy to redesign their logo at the same time as redesigning their new site to ensure it is GDPR compliant as well as fully responsive and secure.

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