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ElevateRTC Feeding the Giant11/2017

Recruitment partners for the UK food & drink industry ElevateRTC celebrate new website

The UK food and drink industry is big, really big. To put it into perspective you’ll need some figures to chew over (…and yes I meant that!): the food and drink industry is the UKs biggest manufacturing sector, bigger than the automotive and aerospace industries combined. Last year It accounted for more than £20bn worth of exports. It will contribute an estimated £28.2bn to our economy this year. Impressed yet? Oh and it employs around 400,000 people at the moment and expects to recruit another 140,000 over the next 7 years. To achieve this recruitment target they’re going to need a very special recruitment firm. Could ElevateRTC please stand up?

Nottingham based Elevate Recruitment and Training Consultants serves the Food and Beverage industry across the entire UK and has done so for a number of years. This week sees the launch of their new look website that is better equipped to handle the demands of a busy industry sector that is placed upon it. 

As part of the Elevate Group you can be sure ElevateRTC know the recruitment business inside out, that’s a given. With an assembled team of highly experienced recruiters with in-depth hands-on knowledge of their respective sectors, ElevateRTC has taken a stride beyond what other more generalised recruitment companies can offer. The food and beverage industry sectors covered include:

• Meat
• Fresh Produce
• Bakery & Confectionery
• Dairy
• Beverages
• Food Service
• Engineering
• Contracting

ElevateRTC specialise in providing opportunities for mid-senior level professionals who have the skills, talent and experience to make a difference to the product and service delivery of some of the biggest names in the UK food and drink industry. Whether it is a permanent position or a short/long term contract, in the local area or further afield, ElevateRTC has a long list of clients with vacancies for the next vital part of their team.

The consultants at ElevateRTC work hard to ensure they find the perfect match. As they work for both the client and the candidate, they can use their up to the minute market knowledge to offer impartial advice to both. They put the time in to get to know their client’s business; after all everyone has a different way of doing things, a different culture and this is an important aspect of the recruitment consultant’s job. If the consultant has an idea how things are done and what the employer expects and, most importantly, the dynamics of the existing team, then they are better able to match a thoroughly vetted candidate to the demands of the post.

The UK Food & Beverage industry is a giant that feeds a great many; ElevateRTC is the recruitment expert that feeds the giant.

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ElevateRTC Food And Beverage Recruitment


When you’re a recruitment company that provides staff for the biggest manufacturing sector in the UK, you’d better make sure your website is up to the task. Nottingham recruitment experts Elevate RTC have done just that. They have a mighty task to perform as they are the preferred recruitment partner for some of the biggest players in the huge, multi-billion pound food and beverage industry. The task is now in hand with the launch of their new, upgraded, fully responsive website. Zero-One Design, it’s what we do.

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