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Chase Taylor’s New Recruitment Site a Clear Winner05/2017

Recruitment specialists for the fenestration industry Chase Taylor celebrate this week’s launch of new look website

In much the same way that glazing for windows has come a long way since the Romans first produced window glass that was, at best, translucent in AD100, so have recruitment techniques moved on since the days of the old labour exchange. The best representation of how far both industries have progressed is Chase Taylor and their latest upgraded website, launched this week, reflects that.

Cannock based Chase Taylor is the leading recruitment specialist for the Fenestration Industry, offering positions for architects, builders, glass and frame manufacturing jobs and window & door fitters across the UK and internationally. Their clients and professionals working in the industry, who owe their present position to the hard work, dedication and industry expertise of Chase Taylor consultants, would agree: there is no other recruitment agency they would turn to now they have experienced the exceptional service provided by Chase Taylor.

The consultants at Chase Taylor are all highly experienced having spent years in recruitment and often in the fenestration industry itself in some capacity. They know their business and that breeds confidence in those they deal with. 

As a prospective candidate you will find your dedicated Chase Taylor consultant will go to great lengths to match and exceed the level of support that is expected of an industry-leading recruiter. Finding a new job can be time consuming and stressful but you find your consultant next to you throughout the recruitment process, every step of the way. Communication is an important part of the process and your consultant is available from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week if you need them and they will keep you updated on developments at all times. Chase Taylor provide a confidential recruitment service, so if you don’t want your present employer to know you are applying for other jobs it’s okay because they’ll submit your applications for you. 

The Chase Taylor team know that the needs of each client are different, that’s why they offer a tailor-made service to meet each client’s requirements. They know that it takes more than just qualifications and experience to make the perfect fit. You need someone who will not only be able to fulfil the tasks set them, but someone who will complement your existing team and help drive you forward. Chase Taylor has an extensive database with the details and feedback on thousands of highly skilled, highly experienced and highly motivated fenestration professionals from all industry disciplines and, by getting to know your company’s culture, they will find the suitable candidate for your team.

Contact Chase Taylor today and find out what makes them the leading recruitment consultancy serving the Fenestration Industry.


Chase Taylor - Fenestration Recruitment Consultant

Chase Taylor

Chase Taylor is a specialist recruitment consultancy that serves the Fenestration Industry. They source the very best architects, builders, glass and frame manufacturing professionals and window & door fitters across the UK and internationally. The new site that we have built for them is the third generation of company recruitment website that they have had. It is secure, fully responsive, and easy to navigate. It has a clean, fresh yet professional appearance and is easily capable of handling the demands paced upon it.  

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