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Bangura Solutions: Specialist IT Team Builders05/2018

IT recruitment firm Bangura Solutions shows the world what it can do with new site

Recruitment, while not quite an art form, is a difficult thing to get right and if you get it wrong it can turn out to be a very expensive mistake! Some industries are not that difficult to recruit for admittedly: warehousing, retail, administration and call centre work are the bread and butter of the high street job agency – low skilled, high turnover. When it comes to highly technical sectors, however, recruitment is a far more delicate and precise operation. One industry that is a shining example of the skill and judgement required of the recruitment consultant is IT and there is one firm that stands out in its dedication to getting it right: Bangura Solutions.

The problem with IT recruitment is just how quickly things change; it is a sector that constantly moves forward, with companies that push themselves and compete with each other to make their own catalogue of products and services outdated as quickly as possible. The recruitment consultant tasked with keeping up with developments needs to stay on their toes and stay ahead of this constant motion. 

Bangura Solutions has been ahead of the curve for almost 20 years now so they know a thing or two about IT recruitment. From their head office in Greater London they serve clients all over the UK, across Europe and around the world. With an extensive network of people that stretches to the four corners of the earth they can truly be considered a global concern. At the forefront of their operations is a team of consultants whose knowledge, experience and dedication is second to none, earning this leading IT recruiter accolades and praise from clients ranging from boutique firms to giant multinationals.

The clients enjoying their partnership with Bangura Solutions, no matter what size they are, all have one thing in common: they are constantly looking to innovate. They turn to Bangura Solutions not to recruit an individual, but to help them build a team. This is what sets Bangura Solutions apart: they will consult with clients to discover their ambitions and build a team of specialists accordingly to help them reach their goal and beyond.

IT professionals appreciate the fact that the consultants at Bangura Solutions know what they are talking about and can communicate on their level. They know their dedicated consultant will work hard on their behalf to find them a place on some of the most forward thinking teams working in IT anywhere in the world.

The specialisms covered by Bangura Solutions include:

  • Change and Digital Transformation
  • Strategy and Architecture
  • Big Data, Analytics, AI and Data Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Development and Integration
  • Cloud
  • DevOps
  • Blockchain and IOT

Your goals are achievable, let Bangura Solutions build your team from the ground up or provide fresh faces to perfectly complement your existing team. Call them today.


Bangura Solutions, IT Recruitment

Bangura Solutions

When a leading global IT recruitment consultancy like Bangura Solutions with almost twenty years comes knocking looking for a new website, you know you’d better be on your game. Luckily, here at Zero-One Design we are always on our game so our clients always go away happy with what we produce for them and this job is no exception. As always we produced a site that is good to look at, easy to navigate, fast and fully responsive, GDPR compliant and offering all the bells and whistles they could possibly need.

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