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Alecto Still the UKs Favourite Technical Recruitment Partner03/2018

Technical recruitment specialists Alecto celebrating unveiling of new look website

Some brands have grown to be instantly recognisable: Google, Apple, Coca-Cola and Disney, to name but a few. Ok, so Alecto Recruitment isn’t quite up there yet but, among technical firms of all sizes in the UK, they are fast becoming the most talked about brand out there and have over the last few years risen through the ranks to become the one of the leading technical recruiters.

Based in Portsmouth, Alecto Recruitment has since opening their doors in 2009 been on an ever-upward trajectory. It’s never going to be an easy ride when you’re up against some very strong competition, but Alecto have gone about their business with dedication, professionalism and hard work to surpass their peers. It certainly helps when you start by assembling a team of experienced recruitment professionals with market expertise thanks to backgrounds in various industries. Added to this is a regime of continuous training and improvement to stay one step ahead of rivals. 

While the growth of their influence has been rapid, with the steps they have taken to promote that growth it should come as no surprise. Not only are Alecto Recruitment partnered with some of the biggest and most recognisable corporations, they work with a long list of SMEs and have been instrumental in helping new companies get off the ground by overseeing their initial team building.

Alecto Recruitment offer a range of opportunities for permanent or long/short term contracts in a number of sectors, including:

  • Waste Management, Recycling & Renewable Energy
  • FMCG, Precision Engineering & Manufacturing
  • MHE, Construction Plant & Cranes
  • Construction, Built Environment & Civil Engineering
  • Automotive, Utilities
  • IT & AV Technology
  • Security Systems Engineering

Whether you are looking for blue collar or white collar advancement, you will find Alecto Recruitment works with a wide range of companies that require your qualifications, skills and experience.

Once you contact Alecto Recruitment you will be assigned a consultant who will stay with you exclusively from then on. You won’t find yourself passed from pillar to post, never knowing who you will be talking to next. Your dedicated consultant will get to know you and from there they will know just what position you are most suited to. 

There is a reason why clients keep returning to Alecto recruitment for their team building requirements; they know that the consultants work very hard to get it right on behalf of their clients. They know that this is a recruitment firm who will be suitable to build a long-lasting partnership with. People talk, word gets around and whenever these conversations take place it is Alecto that they talk about.

If you are talking about finding the perfect recruitment partner then you should be talking to Alecto. Contact them today and work towards tomorrow. 



Alecto Recruitment, Technical Recruitment Agency

Alecto Recruitment

Alecto is an old friend of ours; we were with them in 2009 when they first started. When they needed a new, fresher looking recruitment site and a web design company they knew they could trust, they came back to us and they’re very welcome. We’ve kitted them out with the latest in recruitment technology piggybacking a fast, secure, reliable, attractive and fully responsive site – because that’s what we do.

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