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Talent Pool: Where Recruitment Agencies Recruit07/2018

New jobsboard Talent Pool welcomes job adverts from recruitment agencies

There are employers up and down the UK who will tell you that they are suffering a skills shortage that threatens to slow down their business activities and that the situation is only set to get worse. This partly hinges on the success of the Brexit negotiations. If European workers consider the future bleak enough to make their position in the UK workforce untenable then will they simply leave en masse? It probably won’t come to that but, on the other hand, will new European workers want to come and work here after Britain has finally waved goodbye to the EU in a political and economic sense? That is still to be seen. 

If gaps in the workforce do appear what is the employer to do? The chances are they will approach a recruitment agency and, if they have the candidates available, the positions will be filled. What if the demand outstrips their ability to supply? What if they have to wait for warm bodies to walk through the door, or they have to wait for the phone to ring? It would be advantageous to them in their search to be able to not only advertise where they know that jobseekers are going to be, or better still be able to dip into a well-stocked talent pool and choose people with the skills and experience their clients are looking for. That dream is now a reality: welcome to Talent Pool.

Talent Pool is a new website that is the first of its kind: a jobsboard built exclusively for recruitment agencies to advertise on. They can upload all of their opportunities for jobs anywhere in the country, across a wide range of industry sectors, knowing they will already have an engaged audience of jobseekers in their area, or further afield, waiting for the chance to pursue their dream career. 

For people looking for work this site is a real boon. Whether they are currently unemployed and hoping for a chance to get back into the workplace, or already working but seeking a new opportunity to bring their skills to the fore with another company for better pay and conditions, prospective candidates can register their CV, showcasing their talents in front of recruitment agencies from all over the UK. This creates a huge “Talent Pool” where recruitment agencies from everywhere can match the requirements of their clients with the skills, experience and qualifications on record. Why can’t recruitment always be this easy?

If you are a recruitment agency and you want to make finding the perfect candidates easy, contact Talent Pool today.

Talent Pool

Talent Pool Jobs, Jobsboard

Talent Pool

Talent Pool is a jobsboard that not only collects and securely stores the CVs of thousands of jobseekers from all over the UK, it also allows recruitment agencies to upload all of their vacancies and for them to advertise themselves on the site. It is a big ask but the jobsboard we have furnished them with is more than able to take the job on. It is fast and secure, fully responsive and GDPR compliant.

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