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New Jobsboard for The Journal07/2017

Magazine of The Law Society of Scotland, The Journal, announces this week’s launch of new look recruitment site

Scots Law is one of the three legal jurisdictions of the United Kingdom, the others being English Law and Northern Ireland Law. It has always been that little bit different to the rest of the UK. Although it has incorporated various influences it has different roots to that practiced South of the border. You could say Scotland keeps its own counsel.

Before the 12th Century the law consisted of the legal traditions of the various ethnic groups to be found in what was yet to become the Kingdom of Scotland: Gaels in the North, Britons and Anglo Saxons in the South and the Norse in the West. Following its unification under the Scottish Crown feudalism was introduced. While various influences were felt from Anglo-Norman and continental legal systems, the incorporation of certain Roman law practices being an important aspect from the 15th Century onwards, Scotland has retained its original traditions throughout the eons; even after the Act of Union in 1707.

Continuing and upholding those traditions and practices is the Law Society of Scotland. Established in 1949, it is the professional body for over 11,000 Scottish solicitors. The Law Society’s magazine, The Journal, is the most widely-read legal periodical in Scotland and its jobsboard, Lawscot Jobs, is the most visited recruitment site for Scottish lawyers online. This week sees the launch of the latest and greatest version of this popular jobs site.

Used for recruitment by everyone from small boutique law practices to the largest, most influential and best known legal powerhouses in Scotland, Lawscot Jobs provides career advancement opportunities for solicitors and advocates that range from recent law graduates to the leading Senior Counsel working in and interpreting both Private Law and Public Law. The top recruitment consultancies in Scotland advertise on there, so you are bound to find a position to suit your experience, in a location you would prefer.

Reimagined, redesigned and rebuilt by the industry leading recruitment website company Zero-One Design, Lawscot Jobs is cutting edge technology which has been built to withstand the high levels of traffic expected of a modern jobsboard. It is fast, fully responsive and easier than ever to navigate; allowing you to search for jobs in Scots Law by keywords, search area and contract type.

Whatever position you seek to match your legal experience and wish to further your career in the Scottish legal system, your first port of call should always be Lawscot Jobs.

Lawscot Jobs -

Lawscot Jobs - Legal Recruitment Scotland

Lawscot Jobs

Lawscot Jobs is the jobsboard supporting The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland. They have been a client of ours for 6 years in conjunction with their advertising partners, Connect Communications in Edinburgh. The original jobsboard proved to be very popular amongst Scottish solicitors and advocates and performed its duties admirably – so it should, after all we built it! Time, though, catches up with all of us eventually and it was time to retire the old jobsboard and replace it with our latest version that is currently proving a strong favourite for recruiters all over the...

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