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Giving Disabled People the Chance to Shine in the Workplace07/2018

Swiss jobsboard for disabled workforce launches

There has been a great deal of negative views expressed in some quarters about people with disabilities. In some quarters they have been painted as scroungers and a burden on the state; almost, and this is no exaggeration, a public enemy. This aura of negativity that surrounds them is both unfounded in the great majority of cases and damaging to their life chances as potential employers shy away from taking a risk on the “less able”.

There is clearly an imbalance that needs to be redressed, this is the belief that is the driving force behind a new jobsboard which has been specifically launched to give disabled people a fighting chance in the workplace and show what they can do. is the brainchild of two Swiss men Markus and William who, while at university, wrote a thesis focusing on (re-)integration of persons with a handicap into the working environment. The more they investigated the subject, the more they realised the difficulties for this specific group to find suitable jobs. In an effort to make it a more level playing field was born.

Being less-abled doesn’t mean being less able to do a particular job. Studies have shown that popular myths about the disabled being less productive can be dispelled. In fact it has been found that, because the disabled person is trying to prove their worth, they are more productive than their colleagues. They want to work and are grateful to employers who would give them an opportunity to prove themselves; this means they are more loyal to the company and less likely to leave. 

Another myth is that they are more likely to take sick leave than their colleagues. Is this true? Experts believe the answer is probably not. A United Nations report found that “Empirical evidence shows that persons with disabilities have high performance ratings and retention rates, as well as better attendance records than their colleagues without disabilities” (Decent Work for Persons with Disabilities - United Nations, 2007). The disabled person will have adequately adapted to the condition that affects them; the same cannot be said for the able-bodied who are unprepared for changes to their health. 

Why isn’t your company offering opportunities to the disabled community? There is an untapped pool of talent with the qualifications, skills and experience to make a big difference to your business. It’s time you gave them a chance to prove it.

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Here at Zero-One Design we’re big on social responsibility so obviously we jumped at the chance to build a jobsboard that helps the disabled worker find gainful employment. We wish the guys behind every success in this wonderful venture. The site itself is bilingual – English and German – but can easily be converted to suit other languages. It features all the latest software that you would need on the modern jobsboard. It’s fast, fully responsive and, like all of our sites, GDPR compliant.

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